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This week I’ve decided to turn back time and share the video for my song Restless. This month marks the 10th year anniversary of this music video. I enjoyed making this song, I recorded the video a month after I gave birth to my second daughter. Restless is about a relationship I was once in.

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I’m bringing a new touch to my official website, by adding a personal post once a week. I’ve been quiet in music these past few years. Finding myself and healing from personal relationships. I met the most amazing woman in my life that has guided me so I can become the best version of myself. I have done well. Therapy does wonders.

In the process, I have worked on new music since my last album Heart Snatcher. I am very close to the end. I’ve been working with Ind1go from the Netherlands. Same producer who brought you Thank You, on my album Behold The Fairytales. We’ve done others here and there. I’m looking forward to that release in 2021.

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