Track Listing

01. A New Chapter
02. Bloody Mary
03. Gravity
04. eL Wave
05. Belong
06. Between The Sheets
07. Lullaby
08. What’s Up
09. All is Said and Done

Elle Madison - Heart Snatcher

Track Listing

01. Life
02. Holy Ellie
03. Up to Heaven   
04. Plenty of Fish   
05. Fever
06. Change the World   
07. Dearest You [Explicit]
08. Don’t Speak
09. Goodbye 7 Profitz
10. You Ain’t Sane    
11. Moving On
12. LaLaLaLa         
13. Furry Tails (feat. Ind1go) (Remix)    
14. Heart Is Breathing (feat. JQ) (Remix)
15. Danger Zone (feat. DJ Igric) (Remix)

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Elle Madison album art cover

Track Listing

01. Introduction
02. My Heart Is Breathing
03. Left And The Right
04. Spaceship
05. Only One
06. Restless
07. Lift Me Up (Take My Hand)
08.Money Money Money
09. Addiction
10. Mmm Hmm

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Track Listing

01. Survivor (I Believe in God)
02. Revenge
03. Got 2 Go
04. Taken
05. Hater Lemonade
06. Thank You
07. Behold the Fairytales (Rise Above)
08. Lukewarm Youth (Reprise)
10. Smooth Talker (Revisited)
11. Weeping Man
12. Daily Dirt
13. Wasted
14. Hater Lemonade (Rock Remix) (Rock Mix)

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My Pink Palace
My Pink Palace

Track Listing

01. Smooth Talker
02. Bring It To Me
03. Night or Sin
04. Here We Go
05. Mind Your Own
06. Coming Home
07. Life Circulates (Reprise)
08. Don’t Cry For Me
09. In My Basement
10. The Surface
11. Danger Zone
12. Don’t Cry For Me (Remix)
13. Boy (and Hidden Track)

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